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Yesterday Tesla announced a new Model S 60kWh version with a base price of $66,000 (the battery pack is actually 75kWh which can be software unlocked at a later time). If you live in California, you can get a 7,500 federal tax credit, a $2500 state tax rebate, and a $1000 referral discount (use http://ts.la/david7556 when ordering) for a total of $11,000 in discounts, bringing down the price of the base 60kWh to $55,000. This makes it the most affordable Model S since the cancelled 40kWh version years ago. If you live in Colorado, your total discounts can add up to $13,500. I've compiled a comprehensive guide on how to get the $1000 referral discount (see below for more info).

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TeslaWeekly's Guide to getting a $1000 referral discount for your new Model S or X

I've assembled a comprehensive guide on how to get your $1000 referral discount if you're planning on buying a new Model S or X, or if you've already ordered one within the past few weeks. Just reply to this email with a short "I'd like your referral discount guide" and I'll send it to you via email.

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