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This past week Tesla revealed the Model 3 and reservations have been beyond almost everyone's wildest expectations with over 325k reservations in the first week.

Model 3 is drop-dead gorgeous. Here's an album of photos I took at the event that show the car from various angles, http://imgur.com/a/ZAMXn .

Check out Tesla's overview of the Model 3 and Elon's keynote video here, https://www.teslamotors.com/model3 .

You can also view various test rides from people at the event here, http://electrek.co/2016/04/01/tesla-model-3-video-roundup/ .

Here are some of my thoughts regarding the Model 3 after being able to see it in person and take a test ride:
* Interior: the car was spacious in the rear and the glass roof was stunning (I've attached a photo here). The glass roof makes riding in the rear seats a completely different experience than other cars. At the center of the front dash is a 15" horizontal screen. However, there is no instrument panel in front of the driver so it's a bit odd. I hope they reconsider or they add a heads up speedometer (projected onto windshield screen).
* Acceleration: The test ride car was an all-wheel drive version (not sure if it was performance or not), but the acceleration was similar to my P85... maybe a tad bit slower but that could have been due to 5 adults being in the car.
* Handling: The car felt like it handled well with a low-center of gravity. Similar to the Model S.
* Frunk/Trunk: The frunk seemed a decent size and the trunk was similar to cars the size of the Model 3.
* Exterior: On the test track it was difficult to distinguish the Model 3 and the Model S (they had a Model S giving test rides as well). In many ways, the Model 3 looks and feels like a smaller Model S. And I think that's a large part of the appeal of the car. Most people would love to have a Tesla but it's most often out of their budget/price range. So, when you give people a chance to afford a slightly smaller Tesla for a price that's within reach, you get hundreds of thousands of people to sign up.

Overall, we've witnessed history in the making this past week. Tesla has revealed the most important car in our generation and a car that will change the course of transport and energy consumption in the world. Now Tesla needs to figure out how they can meet the sky-high demand for the car.

DaveT, Tesla Weekly

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