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This past week Tesla reported Q4 2014 earnings. Tesla met production guidance but fell short of deliveries due to delays in shipping the P85D to customers. However, the highlight of the earnings call was Elon sharing his back-of-envelope math on how Tesla could reach Apple's market cap ($700 billion) in 10 years. Yes, it's hard to imagine Tesla keeping up 50% growth for the next 10 years, but it appears Elon thinks it's possible. To save you time, here's the direct link to the exact spot where he shares this on the earnings call.

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Tesla guides 55,000 deliveries for 2015

From shareholder letter: "In 2015, we expect to deliver about 55,000 Model S and X vehicles, representing more than a 70% increase over 2014 deliveries. About 40% of these deliveries are planned for the first half of the year. First quarter production is expected to be about 10,000 vehicles due to it being a shorter quarter than in Q4 and approximately a week of factory downtime to allow the workforce to rest and tooling upgrades. Cars in transit to Europe and Asia must grow to support those markets, so we plan to deliver approximately 9,500 vehicles in Q1, an increase of over 47% from Q1 last year."

"Our goal is to continue to improve Model S profitability and we believe we can achieve a 30% gross margin on Model S for Q4 of 2015, even with foreign currency rates at current levels. "

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