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New Year's greetings!

2018 is looking like it will be the year of the Model 3 ramp. It appears Tesla is slowly but surely working through their production bottlenecks and is producing at around 1000 cars/week run rate (based on the last few days of December). More and more Model S/X owners are receiving their Model 3 configuration invitations and/or deliveries.

I was invited to configure my Model 3 on Nov 22 and received a VIN on Dec 7. However, due to some errors and delays I wasn't able to take delivery by end of December. Instead, Tesla issued a new VIN recently and I am picking up my Model 3 tomorrow.

I've already had a chance last week to drive a friend's Model 3 for about 30 minutes. And I was completely floored. The car is truly amazing to drive. The handling is much better than a BMW 3 series. I don’t think it’s even close. When I took my first corner, my mouth dropped. It felt like taking a corner in a Miata. I didn’t think it was possible to hug a corner like that in a sedan. Acceleration is quick and what we’re used to driving a Tesla, which means it’s in a class to itself. Quietness and comfort was better than I had expected. Somehow Tesla managed to make a car with super handling but without sacrificing much comfort. Add in the latest tech/Autopilot and 300+ mile range. Tons of cargo space, spacious front and rear seats, incredible front visibility.

This car puts everything in its class to shame. A complete game-changer.

I'm looking forward to spending significant time in my new Model 3 starting tomorrow and hopefully I'll have some more things to share about it.

On a personal note, I've been absent from Tesla Weekly the past several weeks due to a new addition in our family (a baby girl). :)

DaveT, Editor (subscribers: 3657)

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