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On Wednesday, Tesla reported Q3 earnings and overall it was a disappointment. Tesla lost $671M (-$3.70/share) and Elon shared more details of the Model 3 bottlenecks and delays. It appears that Tesla still hasn't solved the bottlenecks and they've pushed back their timeline by 3 months with the goal of reaching 5,000 week production by end of March 2018.

I think this extended delay is disappointing for many because many believed that the Model 3 ramp was going to be different and much better executed than the Model S or Model X ramp.

Along with the disappointing delays, Model 3 reservationists were hit with more bad news. The republican tax bill is proposing the elimination of the $7500 EV tax credit, and if it passes it will mean that no EVs sold after 2017 would be eligible for the tax credit.

However, in the bigger picture the long-term fundamentals of Tesla remain strong. Nobody said it was going to be smooth sailing trying to get to the top. There will be bumps along the way, and this week we were hit with a few of them.

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