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This morning Tesla updated the design center and added the long-awaited 100D models for the Model S and X.

The Model S 100D boosts range to 335 miles (EPA est) from 294 miles for the 90D. That's an increase of 14% range. Also the Model S 100D offers longer range than the P100D (315 miles) as well.

The Model X 100D boosts range to 295 miles (EPA est) from 257 miles for the 90D, an increase of of 15% range. The Model X 100D offers slightly longer range of 295 miles compared to the Model X P100D (289 miles).

The 100D option for the Model S and X is an additional $3000 above the 90D option, which continues to be offered.

If you've been waiting for Tesla to release the 100D model before ordering a new Model S or X and now your'e ready to pull the trigger, please use my referral code/link to get $1000 off your order. I need 7 referrals to get an invite to the Model 3 delivery event. Here's my $1000 discount referral link, http://ts.la/david7556 or give the code "david7556" to your sales advisor. Also, please feel free to pass along my referral link/code to any friends or acquaintances that might be interested in purchased a Model S/X.

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