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This past week Tesla reached over 10,000 employees. To give some context, Tesla had 1417 employees on Dec 31, 2011, 2964 employees on Dec 31, 2012, and 5859 employees on Dec 31, 2013. Tesla is roughly doubling their employee head count every year, including this year.

This past week we also found out more about Tesla's Autopilot system, as Elon shared (see video interview link below) Bosch is the supplier for long-range ultrasonics and radar, the camera assembly chip is from Mobileye, and all the software is from Tesla.

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This week in TSLA

This past week, TSLA short interest was shown to have gone down by roughly 2m shares, although short interest remains very high at 21m shares (roughly 23% of the float).

Also, Business Insider published an article on why Apple should buy Tesla. Although it generated some discussion in the media, I don't think it's a serious possibility. Elon has acknowledged that he thinks Tesla has the potential to become one of the most valuable companies in the world, and being a savvy investor as he is I don't see him selling Tesla at such an early stage of the company.

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