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Tesla is offering some great deals on new cars as they close out the 3rd quarter (ending Sept 30).

Model S 75kWh cars can be purchased with around a $7000 discount from their original price. These are new cars that Tesla has built and shipped to service centers across the U.S. Tesla calls them "new inventory" cars but they are the same as new cars with only "50" miles on them.

Some new Model S 90kWh cars can be purchased with an even greater discount (ie., $12-13k off) but there are limited quantities of these cars. Also, some folks are getting great deals on 2 year leases of high-end P90D cars (ie., even as low as $700/month w/$7k down). The two year lease option was originally scheduled to end on Sept 15, but Tesla has extended it to the end of the month.

These are the best deals for new cars that Tesla has ever offered, and they will likely only last until the end of next week when their Q3 fiscal quarter ends.

Some of the deals can be found directly on Tesla's website or you can use an aggregator like ev-cpo.com, which shows most of Tesla's inventory.

I also have a great OA that I can refer to you that has helped dozens of people find great deals in the past few weeks. If you need his info, just reply to this email and I can send you his contact info.

If you end of purchasing a car, please use my referral link/code for $1000 discount, http://ts.la/david7556.

Lastly, I'll give an example of what it costs to buy a new Model S 75kWh (based on availability) that's in stock at a service center. A 75kWh (depending on options) might be given a $6500-7000 discount, so a $80,000 car (that includes some options like Autopilot) might be discounted to $73,000. You'll be eligible for the $7500 federal tax rebate, which brings down the cost of the car to $65,500. And if you live in California and meet the income requirements, you can receive $2500 state rebate, which makes the cost drop to $64,000. Then, you can use my referral link (above) and save another $1000. So, the total cost (of course, not including sales tax) would be $63,000. A great deal for a Model S 75kWh w/options such as Autopilot.

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